Because our aluminium gates are secure, light, strong & resistant to corrosion they are ideal for any circumstances but are particularly well suited to automation. This page covers the frequently asked questions that can arise from installing any gate but also includes special tips to help with the installation and operation of automatic electric gates.

We will update this page on a regular basis to make sure that you are kept up to date with any relevant changes, particularly in relation to automatic electric gate safety. Our in-house technical department have already designed hinges that remove a potential pinch point.


The answer is surprisingly wide -we have successfully made gates over 10 meters wide! Please note you may need to check with your local planning authority in certain circumstances first.

If you are intending to have swing gates, it depends on the design and weight of the gate component parts. Obviously the heavier and larger the gates are, the more strain is exerted to the gate frame and hinge assemblies. However, our aluminium gates have the clear advantage that they are, size for size, considerably lighter and stronger than wooden alternatives. For widths beyond 4 -5 meters, you will probably be best advised to have the gates made as slider.

These can still look like normal swing gates but slide along a track instead.

There’s no denying that driveways that slope steeply up across gate thresholds into a property can present challenges. However, there are a number of ways that we can tackle these issues, so please give us a call before you give up on the idea!
With careful thought put into the design and operation of gates, there’s no reason why they cannot be installed in windy exposed positions. Tall, close boarded, swinging gates maybe best avoided in certain circumstances, however other smaller open barred designs are very likely to be fine. Again, as mentioned elsewhere, our aluminium gates have the distinct advantage over other types of gates in that they are very strong and have excellent resistance to torsional loadings.
As with the width of a gate there maybe site related practical and planning considerations but generally our aluminium gates are the best suited to these scenarios. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call for top technical advice.
The best piece of advice we can give you is to contact us at the earliest instance during the planning stage. This is crucial if you are planning to automate the gates. All too often gates get left as an after-thought to a major building project with little or no thought given to the practical implications of what’s needed. The result inevitably ends in compromise and disappointment for the people who end up using the gates.

The great thing about our aluminium gates is that they are light as well as strong. This greatly reduces the requirement for heavy duty civil engineering. Generally, we would recommend they are either hung from galvanised steel box section posts or brick piers. If they are going to be hung from wooden posts we recommend a hardwood post such as oak.

Because they are light, strong and resistant to corrosion our aluminium gates are particularly well suited to being automated. If you are planning to automate the gates, we can recommend the most appropriate type of system for your circumstances.
Our gate automation partner will provide you with all the information you need about intercoms, and other access control choices. Rest assured, there is a solution for every requirement.
The answer is an emphatic ‘yes’ provided you use a responsible professional gate automation company who has completed industry approved training and installs all its gate automation accordingly. Most automation companies have approved installers that can be recommended.

That’s the easiest question to answer. Get in contact now and let us bring your dream into reality!